Sightings at Small Water

Chapter Ten: Final Treck

They could not help but laugh.  Although they were used to seeing sheep with a discreet blob of colouring on their flanks, they had never seen any drenched like this.

“At first, Prunella laughed at me for having yellow legs!” complained Cinnamon.  “She could not see the yellow dye dripping down her head and shoulders.  It wasn’t until she saw her reflection in a tarn that she knew she yellower than me.”

Prunella averted her eyes once more and hung her head in shame.  She knew of no solution to their predicament.

They all strolled about and discussed what to do next.  It was thought that the kindest plan of action would be to take Prunella and Cinnamon up to the pen in Grace’s garden, up beyond the hills of Selset.  There, they could stay put for the winter and be shorn in the Spring.  That way they could return to the flock with normal colour wool in, perhaps, March or April.

Cinnamon and Prunella liked the idea.  They did not like being objects of ridicule.  They would be pleased to lie low for the winter and return, freshly shorn, in the Spring.  If Prunella remembered rightly, being in the pen was not at all bad and the food, in fact, had been exceptionally good.

Cinnamon smiled as he saw his sister’s eyes brighten.  Although she was often difficult and fiery, which was hard to deal with, he did not like to see her looking defeated and dejected.

Asparagus and Carrot Cake trudged toward the hills of Selset with Prunella and Cinnamon following meekly behind, trying to ignore the taunts and loud comments from other sheep as they passed by.

Beanstalk remained at Small Water.  He felt he had found his vocation in looking after the younger sheep there.  He loved every minute of every waking hour.  The Small Water flock appreciated his help and the youngsters wanted him to stay. 

          Asparagus took the lead in navigating the way as they approached Selset.  It had been a long treck and they were all relieved to reach the pen.  Carrot Cake got her first glimpse of Great Aunty Grace as she came out from the kitchen, her silver hair shimmering in the Autumn sunshine.

Grace gazed at the two bright yellow sheep and shook her head.  How this had happened she could not imagine.  However, anything seemed to be possible with Prunella.