Hadrian's Wall and Hickory

Chapter 9: Rescue 

By now quite a crowd had gathered at the barn.  Everyone was quiet and gazed with bated breath at Cinnamon who lay dazed on the straw bales, and Hickory who lay unconscious on the floor.  A shuffling ensued as they made way for Carrot Cake.  She surveyed the scene calmly.
          “Fetch Champagne,” she called.
Button Mushroom lowered her head, as she thought this was a very strange request for Carrot Cake to make.  However, Raindrop and Rusty hurried off at her bequest.
          “Take Cinnamon to Broccoli’s barn,” instructed Carrot Cake.
Several helped him to his feet and escorted him out.

Button Mushroom stared at the creature ushered in by Raindrop and Rusty.  It was the size of a very small sheep but had hair, not wool.  It walked regally, with a huge fluffy tail which it held erect like an antennae.  She had never seen anything like it in her life.
          “What is it?” she hissed to Raindrop.
          “Why, this is Champagne,” answered Raindrop.
Button Mushroom still looked baffled.
          “It’s a cat,” whispered Rusty.

Champagne stroked the still body of Hickory from head to toe several times.  Purring loudly, she climbed on to his flank and settled herself down.
          “Let’s leave them to it,” said Carrot Cake.
Everyone was ushered out.
          “Carrot Cake, I have to ask,” started Button Mushroom.
“Why yes of course,” answered Carrot Cake.  “You might not have met a cat before – and certainly not one like Champagne, who is a truly remarkable cat.  And big, for her species.”
Button Mushroom nodded her head, hoping Carrot Cake would continue.
          “A cat’s purring is most soothing, so especially good for someone who has had a nasty fall,” continued Carrot Cake.
          “But not only that, Champagne’s purr is so powerful that it can mend broken bones.”
Button Mushroom could only gaze at Carrot Cake, as she took in all this new information.  Then at last she spoke.
          “Then Hickory will be ok?” she asked.

                                                                                                                                                                               “He’ll be fine,” Carrot Cake assured her.                                

Chapter 10: With Broccoli