Hadrian's Wall and Hickory

Chapter 4: Up at the Wall

Florentine and Ginger were glad when Hadrian’s Wall came in sight.  They had stopped just once for a rest and a snack on the way, and were now quite tired.  They would head to Housestead, of course, where Uncle Broccoli was waiting to greet them.  Indeed, there was a welcoming party waiting for them.  Button Mushroom was almost overwhelmed with all the excitement and new faces.  Hickory still could not believe he was actually here.  There were noisy greetings, lots of food, many introductions and many tales exchanged.

Asparagus drew Uncle Broccoli to one side. 
          “Where’s my father?” he asked.  “Is he ok?”
          “Yes, yes, don’t worry, he’s a little tired so he is waiting for you in his barn.  Come along.  I’ll take you and Carrot Cake over there.”
Celery glowed at the sight of his only son with his beautiful bride to be.  He was nearly overcome with emotion.  He was hoping they could be persuaded to take over as leaders of the flock as it was long past time he retired.
          “We must organise your wedding ceremony,” he said.

The young new arrivals were scurried off to bed so that they would be fresh the next day.  Asparagus assured them they would soon be taking part in everything.
          “You’ll be up again at dawn to join the patrols,” he told them.

There was no room for slacking, up at Hadrian’s Wall.

Chapter 5: First Patrol