Hadrian's Wall and Hickory

Chapter 2: Sunrise

          “Come on, Ginger,” a voice cajoled.
Ginger yawned.  He knew it was just daybreak and wondered what Florentine was up to now. 
          “Come on,” she urged.  “We’ve got to get to the main rock to hear Asparagus announce who is going to Hadrian’s Wall.”
Ginger rubbed his eyes and resisted the urge to curl up and go back to sleep.  Florentine was right.  It was worth getting up to find out what was happening.  It was not every day that an event like this took place.

Asparagus was already on the main rock, pacing up and down. He was amazed that there were so few here, after the uproar of the previous evening.  However, it would make choosing extremely simple.

Hickory tried not to swagger as Asparagus called out his name to join him on the rock. He stood tall with pride and felt as if he should be wearing a bow tie.  Florentine and Ginger gave him a round of applause.
Button Mushroom held her breath as she squeezed through a hole in the fence.  Perhaps she might still be in time.  She ran with all her might.  There was a glimmer of hope that she would still be in time.  Asparagus watched as a tiny mottled grey figure appeared at the end of a distant field.  He swiftly realised it to be Button Mushroom and beckoned her to join him.  Breathlessly, Button Mushroom clambered up on to the rock and took her place triumphantly.

          “And Ginger and Florentine, you have your places,” grinned Asparagus.

They felt very honoured.  They knew they had been chosen by default because nobody else had shown up but it still did not alter the fact they had now been included.  Indeed, they were on their way.  Asparagus saw no reason to tarry, so they set off immediately.  It was Carrot Cake’s turn to gaze at Asparagus adoringly.  He was such a decisive and intelligent ram that she had great respect for him.  They would have their wedding ceremony up at Hadrian’s Wall.

Chapter 3: A Hole in a Fence