The Boundary Stone - Chapter 7: Celebrations

Chapter 7 - Celebrations

Gregory was first to reach the main web system as Stan’s call came in.

            “The boundary stone’s back in position,” said Stan happily.

A thousand voices cheered.  Anita went into overdrive and excessively produced web in great abundance.  Jacob and Celeste took the strands and hung them up like party streamers across the rafters of the barn.

The main web crackled into life again and they all hushed and listened.  However, there was just a lot of static interference and they all began to lose interest.  They were just starting to move away when the crackling abruptly stopped.

            “Flame here,” came a strong voice.  “Successful mission.  No lives lost.  Over and out.”

Caroline started cheering again and everyone joined in.  They called for Dancer to give a speech.  She declined but offered to do a dance instead.  As she moved rhythmically to a steady beat, everyone was enthralled.  Others soon started to join in with dances of their own and the barn began to resemble a ballroom.  When at last they all began to tire, Ruth took the stage.  She beamed a smile at everyone, then found her best performing voice and proclaimed:

“The stone’s back in position
  In its centuries old tradition
  Thanks to Captain Flame
  And all the ants that came

 But special thanks we should extend
 To Dancer, our most nimble friend
 Who braved the dangers and the dark
 Inside the gates of Parsnip Park.”