Why Walk?

It's the thrill of the hills
The height of the sky
The texture of bracken
The stream running by
No traffic, no shopping
No endless noise
Just fresh air and breezes
And sights to enjoy

If others are walking
They nod and they smile
Understanding the passion
Of mile upon mile
With varying landscapes
In all sorts of weathers
Bright yellow gorse bush
Soft shades of heathers

Ascending to tarns
Transcending the scars
Magic stone circles
Point to the stars
Back down to earth
For the walk we love most
Relishing the challenge
Of the Coast to Coast

Grace Gant

This poem (and others by Grace Gant and Terry Watkins) features in the film 'The Walk', which follows the Coast to Coast walk from Cumbria to the Yorkshire Coast.

The Walk from Fred Jones on Vimeo.