On the building of the Burley bypass

Over fifty years have passed
Since first we wandered here
As young lovers, hand in hand
On the path to Burley weir.
We braved the moss clad stepping stones
Beside the old mill race
Cascading waters splashing tears
Of laughter on your face. 
Upon the Wharfe's green banks we sat
And dreamed in dappled shade
So many dreams we made that day,
So many plans we made.
Now, returned, all dreams fulfilled,
Our steps we can't retrace.
Progress has marched where once we strolled
With fingers interlaced.
But etched forever in two hearts
A memory fresh and clear,
Of perfumed Mayflower by a path
That led to Burley weir.

Terry Watkins

Author's Notes: In the spring of 1960 we spent our honeymoon in Burley in Wharfedale.
Where the river runs below the village, the water cascades over a weir by an old mill.....