Musician’s Malady

Can’t we play another tune?
I’ve played this one all afternoon
One two three four, one two three
It’s quite a pleasant melody
But now I’ve played it through and through
I’d like to play a tune that’s new
As this is now a boring chore
That’s making my poor fingers sore
Chorus, rounds and one two three
Back to back and don’t mind me
As I just want my blisters patched
The itch upon my forehead scratched
And how about a cup of tea?
That ice cream van looks good to me
It’s getting hot, the sun is baking
Surely all your legs are aching
One two three, it might be best
To give us all a little rest
Hard to know what will be first
Exhaustion, sun stroke, die of thirst?
Concentrate now, one two three
The dancing’s what they’ve come to see
Keep it steady, keep the beat
Despite the pain and searing heat
Remember too, once in a while
To give the crowd a winning smile
So they don’t see the misery
Behind the bars of one two three

Grace Gant