In the Minotaur Maze

In the Minotaur Maze
It’s scary and cold
With gray stones and wiring
It’s hard to look bold
When you’re scared and you’re shivering
And holding on tight
To the person in front
With all your might
Choosing best channels
Turn right, left then right
Trudging the pathways
Until you catch sight
Of the exit
Or if you are terribly small
You can squeeze through a gap in the far outer wall
The Minotaur Maze
Is scary and cold
Its gray stones are dull
And they’re terribly old
So take in your picnic
You could be some days
As you search for a route
Through the Minotaur Maze

The Minotaur Maze was inspired by the Maze at the Forest Centre in Kielder Forest.

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