A Farewell to Autumn
As a watery sun dispels the night
An arrowhead of geese in flight
In raucous chorus rise to stir
The chill, fresh morning air.
Dark grey ghosts of trees arise
From the heavy mist that lies
Over the fields all ploughed anew
And meadows bathed in dew.
In the hedgerow rose hips glow
While blackberries shrivel on the bough
Among the yellowed crisping leaves
In jewelled cobwebs sheathed.
By the church a wayward breeze
Passing through the ancient trees
Sends the leaves with ne'er a sound
Drifting to the ground.
The world is still as the sun goes down
With the last of summers songbirds flown
To warmer climes in lands afar
Beneath the southern stars

As the swiftly fading light
Surrenders to the shrouds of night
A cold wind blows along the lane
To whistle around the window panes.

The nights grow long, and come the dawn
Frost will crisp the cottage lawn
And soon the winter's snow will lie
Beneath a leaden sky.
Farewell to you my halcyon days
In vibrant coloured garb arrayed
'Til Nature with her palette true
Paints the world anew.

Terry Watkins