Descent from Styhead Tarn

High above the valley
At the edge of Styhead Tarn
We saw the light was fading
So started climbing down

It seemed so easy going up
We’d laughed and talked and ambled
But going down we found quite tough
We slid and swore and scrambled

Sleepy sheep blinked warily
As we scurried quickly past
Each footstep being urgent
As the daylight faded fast

The path dissolved in dimness
Surrounding landmarks faded
So slowly, step by careful step
We crept as dark invaded

Then whittled down to snail pace
In a moonless night time black
And gave ourselves a lecture
When we finally got back

As we should have known much better
Than to linger far too long
So high above the valley
Seduced by Styhead Tarn

Grace Gant