December Barnard Castle

The town looks really grand this year
With a million sparkling lights
Twinkling down the shopping street
'Til late into the night
The shops are bright and open
As I slowly wend my way
Noting that some windows boast:
"Open on Boxing Day"
But the route I like to take the most
That sets my heart aquiver
Starts at windy raw Scar Top
And drops down to the river
Passing frosted spider webs
And vibrant evergreens
Holly with its berries
The reddest ever seen
The ducks are busy feeding
When an errant dog comes by
Causing quacks and flapping
As they flee up to the sky
The river with the heavy rains
Is swollen now and gushing
Canoes are paddling downstream
Carried by its rushing
Onward to the abbey
With its ruins standing proud
Peace on earth, goodwill to men
It seems to say out loud

Grace Gant