A Storm on the Moor

How dark the sky with lowered brow
Frowning over rugged stone
How fierce the wind upon my face
As I walk the moor alone
How swiftly the satanic clouds
Descend on either hand
How violently the thunder shakes
The earth on which I stand
How sudden comes the deluge
To drench me where I cower
With covered head, in mortal dread
Of such unbridled power
How long the song of wind and rain
Assails and stings the ears
How passionate the dervish dance
Of the lightning spears
How welcome then that glimpse of light
Through the cloaking grey
As the mantle's trailing hem
Is slowly drawn away
How joyously the sun casts off the mask
Recalcitrantly worn
As a rainbow in the dale below
Declares the world reborn

Terry Watkins

Authors notes: As for the location, it could be almost Yorkshire moorland area
and I think it best left to the readers own interpretation based perhaps on some personally remembered experience