North Wall cured meats

New Kid on the Block

"North Wall" is this year's newcomer, now regularly seen at Hexham market.

Specialising in cured beef and pork, this chap seems to be a one-man-band. He's an earnest, vocal character who has unending enthusiasm for his venture and related topics. Be prepared for a fascinating listen. When he does stop talking, his products speak for themselves.

I found the salt beef surprisingly delicious, with a beautiful texture and flavour (and not at all salty). I confess I have had the garlic sausage more than once. I think I might be addicted. In my defence, I can only say that it's not like any garlic sausage I have ever had before. Taste it to believe it!

In my opinion, North Wall products are a statement of quality and careful preparation. I can't wait to try the pastrami.