Bessy Beck Trout Fishery

More often than not, the Bessy Beck trout available to buy have been caught just the day before, so they are delightfully fresh. However, you can top this by booking a fishing session there and catch your own, if so inclined!

If you can't get up to the Fishery itself (at the foot of the Howgills), you can find their full range of products at quite a number of Farmers Markets. Of course fresh is best, but wait until you've tried the smoked: you might well be impressed. (They also smoke salmon, chicken, duck and pheasant, as well as trout). The fish cakes and quiche are beautiful too, but my absolute favourite is the smoked trout pate, which is deliciously tasty and refreshingly light.

You're right if you're guessing I've been a regular customer of theirs for some years. And I'm right in thinking that, if you are a fellow fish fan, you will love Bessy Beck.