Fell Guide: Broom Fell


Summit of Broom FellBroom Fell is the highest point on the ridge that connects Lord's Seat to Graystones and overlooks the quiet valleys of Aiken Beck to the south and Wythop to the north.

The fell takes the form of a long curving ridge, focused around a series of side valleys from the Aiken valley to the south. The high ground continues on to Graystones/ Kirk Fell, although its smooth lines are interrupted by the valley below Widow Hause, which forces the walker to divert slightly to the north on the way between the two fells.

Broom Fell from Lord's SeatThe best views are out to the north - Broom Fell is higher than the fells in that direction, and so there is a clear view north towards the Solway coast. To the east Lord's Seat blocks the view. To the south there is a good view of the Hopegill Head and Grisedale Pike area. To the west there are better views from Graystones.

Broom Fell could be seen as just the north-western spur of Lord's Seat, but there is a significant climb from the ridge to the summit, giving it the feel of a separate fell. The impressive summit cairn also helps give that impression.


Grid Reference of Summit: NY 195 270
Height: 511m


Routes of Ascent

Looking west along Broom FellBroom Fell is perfectly climbable from most directions. The most direct route to the top is to follow the wall that comes up from the Aiken valley. From the north the main problem is finding a route to the base of the fell across pathless farmland or the swamp of Wythop Moss. Most visitors probably come along the ridge, either from Lord's Seat to the east or Graystones in the west.


We currently have no walks that visit Broom Fell (but soon will have).

The Summit

The summit sits on the line of the stone wall that climbs up the fell from the Aiken valley. This is a generally grassy area, with an impressive cairn and a well built seat.

Streams and Tarns

Broom Fell lacks clear boundaries. In the east the boundary with Lord's Seat falls somewhere on the Todd Fell ridge, between two nameless becks. To the south-west it had a short footing on Aiken Beck, but the western boundary is formed by another nameless beck, flowing down from Widow Hause.

On the northern side the fell drops down to Wythop Moss and into the Wythop Valley, and another mix of nameless becks.

Broom Fell has no named tarns.

Other Features


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