Presenting Pavlova

Chapter Eight: Georgia Visits

Mayday Bank Holiday arrived with reasonable weather. Georgia and her parents were already in the car and approaching Selset. Great Aunty Grace stepped out to greet them, her silver hair glinting in the sunshine. How Georgia had grown. Of course, she’d completed nearly a year at school now, so was quite a young lady.

They hardly dared expect they would see the same sheep they’d met last year, but they packed a lot of food anyway and headed on up to Grassholme Reservoir.

It was Pavlova that spotted Georgia first, this time.

“Come on, girls,” she called, as she scrambled to her feet.

Rowan and Juniper were still a little wobbly on their legs but managed to follow their mother wherever she went. Georgia caught sight of them as they rounded the hill.

“Oh, look! Just look,” cried Georgia. Great Aunty Grace followed Georgia’s gaze and gasped. Not only was she amazed at seeing the exact same sheep they had met the year before, but also at the sight of the two little ones. They thought they were the most beautiful lambs they had ever seen.

“Just like candyfloss and caramel cream,” said Grace.

Pavlova was glad the names had already been settled. She didn’t want to do all that choosing again. She did wonder, though, if there might be any sandwiches or crisps. Her girls could have their first picnic experience.

They were not disappointed, of course. Grace had made a salad box with fresh greens and herbs from her own garden. The twins nibbled some curiously. Pavlova tucked into egg and cress sandwiches in sumptuous malted grain bread. One by one, others of the flock spotted them and came over to join in the food and fun.

Uncle Broccoli was delighted to see Grace again. He went to fetch Aunt Marshmallow. The three of them retired to the shade of the trees to rest, with sandwiches and water.

Aunty Marmalade felt plump at the sight of all the food. Pattie and Buttie were thrilled that Georgia had brought some crisps especially for them. Christopher and David arrived in time for currant buns, and Beanstalk was a little greedy with the fruit. When Garibaldi bounded up, he was just in time to see a big, square bag being opened. Everyone went quiet as they watched it being unzipped. Inside were magical foods: yoghurt, trifle and fromage frais, all kept cool by this special bag. The twins licked some fromage frais and liked it. Georgia smiled because it was her favourite, too. Pavlova tried them all and thought they were nicer than ice cream. Garibaldi’s sweet tooth led him to devour half the trifle.

For a moment, a strange figure appeared on the brow of a hill and stared down at them. Both Georgia and Grace thought they saw a grumpy old sheep wearing a blanket. Next second it had gone.

By the time Georgia’s parents arrived back from their walk, there was very little food left. They did not mind at all, though. Laughing, they ate what was left and took photos of the happy, well fed gathering.

Chapter Nine: Summer Time