Hadrian's Wall and Hickory

Chapter 6: Arrivals

Cinnamon paused to catch his breath.
          “You’ve over done it this time, Prunella.  Good and proper,” he stated.
          “Save your breath for running, fool,” sniped Prunella.  However, she glanced worriedly over her shoulder to see how close Ashley and Herbert had advanced.  She had to admit to herself that perhaps she had underestimated their reaction.  She had also failed to notice how big their horns had become.  They would suffer a painful butting if they were caught up.
          “Head for Housesteads,” she muttered.  “It’s the closest.”
Cinnamon shut his eyes for a second and groaned.  Though fit, they could not keep running at this pace for much longer. 

Prunella visibly paled as they neared Housestead.  Every sheep in that area was lined in rows against the skyline, forming a barrier to the Fort.  Silently she cursed the patrols and communication system that operated up here: they were much too efficient.  Swiftly spinning round, she changed direction to the West, with Cinnamon clinging tightly to her heels.  Heads down, they plundered on, their hope rising as they realised Ashley and Herbert had been slow to spot they had swerved, and more distance was now between them.

At Great Chesters, Cranberry turned to her husband Gorgonzola for support.  The listening posts informed them that they were headed this way.  They knew their children had done wrong but they still loved them.  Perhaps if they welcomed them back, they could persuade them to stay and finally allow themselves to be trained to take over the running of the Fort in time to come; after all, it was their rightful place.

Ashley and Herbert continued on to Housestead, beckoned by the inhabitants lined up there.
“It’s no good following them on to Great Chesters,” Asparagus advised.  “Queen Cranberry is not so mean that she won’t take in her own children.  Besides, I think you have already made your point.”

Once their anger had cooled, Ashley and Herbert settled down to enjoy the hustle and bustle of life at Housestead.  They enjoyed helping with the preparations for the wedding.  It looked as if it was going to be a grand affair.  Food was already being gathered and stowed away.  They laughed as Button Mushroom and Hickory swept in from their latest patrol duties, fresh with the latest news and gossip from the listening posts.  Ginger and Florentine were involved with plans to decorate an expanse of the wall with foliage.  It was whispered that a crown was being made for Carrot Cake.

Chapter 7: At Great Chesters