Hadrian's Wall and Hickory

Chapter 11: Heroes

Champagne was the first to emerge, walking majestically.  There was a soft murmur of appreciation and a round of applause as Hickory trotted out behind her.  Many wanted Champagne to stay and issue massages to their aches and pains, but she disappeared under a fence and was gone.
“Cats are like that,” whispered Rusty to Button Mushroom.  “But she will come back again when she wants.” 
Button Mushroom shook her head and turned her attention to Hickory.  He looked none the worse for wear.
          “Welcome back,” she said with a sigh of relief.
Hickory was a little overcome at the fuss and attention he was receiving.   

From the window of Broccoli’s barn, Cinnamon watched and pondered.   Hickory had rescued him from the rafters.  He wondered if this meant Hickory had forgiven him his past bad behaviour.  Soaking in the congenial atmosphere, Cinnamon decided he would like to stay here.  It was well ordered.  There was plenty to do.  He was sure they would find him a role and that he would work hard because it would be interesting.  He was tired of being manipulated by Prunella.  He was tired of being told off by his parents, and the last time he had wandered off by himself he had got into bad company.  He remembered the mighty sight of all those lined up to guard Fort Housestead and decided he would like to be part of it, rather than something against it.

Hickory caught Cinnamon’s gaze and went to have a word.  They emerged from Broccoli’s barn with their heads held high.
“Meet the recently recruited Patrol Officer Cinnamon,” bellowed Hickory.

Everyone cheered.  Asparagus and Carrot Cake glowed.  They were now proud of Hickory and Cinnamon alike.

Chapter 12: The Wedding