Hadrian's Wall and Hickory

Chapter 1: Getting Started

Asparagus stood his ground and shook his head.  He could not possibly take twenty youngsters, although it was difficult to say no when there was so much enthusiasm.  He surveyed the restless young woolly figures with consternation.
          “I must say,” he bellowed above the noise. 
There was a hush.
          “Some of you are too young at the moment.  Others already have different projects planned with other flocks.  Tomorrow at dawn I will announce the names of those who will be joining this expedition to Hadrian’s Wall.”
Disappearing into the barn, Asparagus sighed with relief at the peace and quiet.  He had more or less promised young Hickory a place, and he was not going to go back on that decision now.  However, he could not take too many others.  His frown turned to a smile as Carrot Cake entered, bringing with her that delightful blend of calmness and common sense.  Asparagus gazed at her adoringly, realising he had fallen in love.

Carrot Cake surveyed the scene serenely.  Without batting an eyelid she noted that Asparagus had finally come to his senses and would ask her to marry him.  She had a sixth sense about most things.

Chapter 2: Sunrise