Troutbeck (near Windermere)

Troutbeck (near Windermere) is a long stretched out village in the stunning Troutbeck valley, with the National Trust owned Town End at the southern end.

The village is made up of a series of linked hamlets. Town Head is at the north, where the main village streat joins the A 592. Running south from there are High Green, Longmire Year, High Fold, Low Fold (with the shop) and Town End.

Town End was the home of the Browne family for around 400 years, and is decorated with vast amounts of wood carvings. The house is now owned by the National Trust and is open to the public.

The village still holds a ceremony to crown the new Mayor of the Hunt, an annual event that has been going on for at least 200 years. The ceremony takes place in the Queen's Head pub, normally late in February.

The church was rebuilt in 1736. It has an east window created by William Morris, Burn Jones and Maddox Brown.

Beatrix Potter owned Troutbeck Park farm, and left it (and the Herdwick flock) to the National Trust.

Directions: Troutbeck village is stretched out along the road that runs up the western side of the Troutbeck valley, which runs north from Windermere up to High Street.

Grid Reference: NY 409 031 (rough centre of the village)

URL: http://www.knowledge.me.uk/areas/lakes/troutbeck_nr_windermere.html

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