River Irt

Map showing course of the IrtThe River Irt follows a very indirect route between Wastwater and Ravenglass, taking thirteen and a half miles to make that six mile journey. If it wasn't for the mountainous surroundings, the Irt would be a typical lowland river, meandering its way between the fields around Nether Wasdale and Santon Bridge. In the course of its 13.5 mile course the Irt only drops 200 feet, while its tributary the Bleng drops 800 feet in just under eight miles!


The Irt flows out of Wast Water


The Irt meanders from Wast Water to the coast at Ravenglass, joining the Esk just before it reaches the coast.

Named Tributaries

Greathall Gill
Cinderdale Beck
Black Beck
Kid Beck
River Bleng
Mecklin Beck
Hallsenna Beck and Black Beck

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