River Greta

The Greta is Keswick's river. It is formed within three miles of the town, and flows in a loop through the north of the town, running between the town centre and Fitz Parks. Despite its short length, at Keswick the Greta is a sizable river, flowing rapidly along its rocky bed, and as the elaborate precautions taken on some of the bridges show, with the potential to rise to a surprising height.


Map showing River GretaThe River Greta is formed by the junction of the River Glendermackin and St John's Beck, just to the south west of Threllkeld.


The Greta is one of the shortest rivers in the Lakes, running west for just under four miles (as the crow flies, five miles by the river), before joining the Derwent just to the west of Keswick.

Named Tributaries

River Glendermackin
St John's Beck

Naddle Beck
Glenderaterra Beck
Rams Beck
Cuddy Beck

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