Gosforth is a large long thin village that lies at the entrance to Wasdale. In the east it merges into the neighbouring village of Wellington, so feels even longer than it is. The village runs east from the main A 595. In the middle of Gosforth the road splits, with one branch heading to Eskdale and the other to Wasdale.

The oldest memorials in the village are at the church. In the churchyard you will find the tallest sandstone monmolith in Britain, a tall Viking cross carved in the tenth century, with a mix of pagan and Christian carvings. The cross is 15ft high. The church also contains some Norse hogsback tombstones, while there are equally old carved stones in the churchyard.

The village has a triving centre, with a good sized shop, several pubs and a library. There is also a useful hall, used for quite a few events. There is also a super bakery, in what looks like a private house just to the east of the shop and a pottery at the entrance to the village.

Directions: Gosforth is just off the A 595, south of Sellafield.

Grid Reference: NY 069 035

URL: http://www.knowledge.me.uk/areas/lakes/gosforth.html

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